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The Durand – Korkenzieher für Weinraritäten

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The Durand® is a fully patented, two part device that enables the user to successfully remove older and fragile wine corks whole and intact. The Durand® was invented by wine collector Mark Taylor who had struggled with challenging corks when opening older fine wines.   He founded Wining Taylors, LLC (based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA) to manufacture and market The Durand in 2007. The Durand is named for Yves Durand, a world-renowned sommelier, and a personal friend and mentor.

Using The Durand for older, fragile or compromised corks eliminates the unwanted outcomes of broken corks, corks pushed into bottles or corks partially removed leaving pieces floating in the wine. The Durand removes the cork whole and contained.

Numerous wine lovers, collectors, and nationally and internationally known sommeliers have enjoyed The Durand’s performance and appreciated its proven track record.  The Durand has been well received and reviewed in the national and international press, as well as in wine magazines, periodicals, and online media.


1. Screw HELIX into center of cork until STABILIZER BAR rests against top of
cork (or bottle). Watch the video for Step 1.

2. With BLADES on either side of STABILIZER BAR, insert first the “long” then
“short” BLADE between the cork and bottle. Watch the video for Step 2.

3. Work the BLADES down between the cork and bottle by pressing down
alternately over each BLADE using the HANDLE. Continue this “rocking”
motion until the bottom of the HANDLE rests against the top of the
STABILIZER BAR. Watch the video for Step 3.

4. Hold the bottle securely. With the other hand grasp the STABILIZER BAR
and HANDLE together and twist, then pull upward slowly continuing to twist
to remove the cork. Watch the video for Step 4.
Even with the stability and support offered by the Durand, the very oldest and
more fragile corks may benefit from a little added care. Use your fingers on
the cork near the neck of the bottle to help ‘nurse’ the cork during the later
stages of removal.