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Conteisa Barolo Magnum 2015

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Nebbiolo 100%

Piedmont , Italy


Conteisa Barolo Magnum 2015

Angelo Gaja Barolo Conteisa

The Barolo Conteisa by Angelo Gaja comes from the top location Cerequio in La Morra.
This is the delicate and elegant Barolo from Gaja's portfolio. The wine inspires with its floral and expressive nature and is the perfect counterpart to the massive and masculine Barolo Sperss.


Land Italy
Region Piedmont
Rebsorten Nebbiolo 100%
Füllstand High Fill
Verschlußart cork stopper
Kennzeichnung Contains sulphites
Farbe Red
Abfüller/Erzeuger Angelo Gaja, Via Torino 5 - 12050 Barbaresco Italia
Charakter Dry
Servierempfehlung Decant at 16-18°C
Trinkempfehlung 2025 - 2050
Parker Punkte 96
Jahrgang 2015

Piedmont, Italy

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Angelo Gaja

Informationen zum Winzer:

The family winery is now one of the best known in Italy and can look back on a centuries-old history. The success story of owner Angelo Gaja began in the 17th century when the family emigrated from Spain to Italy. In 1859, a member of the family, a grape producer in Barbaresco, laid the foundation for the current company by opening a tavern, which also served their own wines. The wines were already so popular at the end of the 19th century that they were supplied to the Italian army, among others. Already in the second generation of the family, an unusually high value was placed on quality, with the aim of retaining a predominantly upscale clientele.

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96 / 100

Parker über Conteisa Barolo Magnum 2015

The large shoulders of this warm 2015 vintage contrast sharply with the delicate nuances of the 2016 Barbarescos also released now from Gaja. The 2015 Barolo Conteisa is intense, with a background chorus of plum, prune, herb, mint and wild cherry. It's a very balanced Barolo. The Cerequio vineyard that provides this fruit often suffers from hail damage because the vineyard is located along the corridor of bad weather that comes over the hill from La Morra. There was some damage in mid-August, but fruit in the 2016 vintage suffered much more extensively in comparison. In fact, so little fruit was saved that Gaia Gaja is pretty sure this wine will not be produced next vintage. She tells me that they are now experimenting with anti-hail netting at this site—an eyesore they had long hoped to avoid.