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Winegrowers and wine regions from all over the world

Since the cultivation of the vineyards, wine has been a valuable asset, which is passed on through traditions and knowledge. For millennia, people have been cultivating different grape varieties in order to obtain a distinctive drinking experience. Particularly high-quality drops thrive on a long history, a special soil or a unique pressing process. Many wine regions on earth are known for their growing areas that provide the best conditions for the vines. Travel the world with the rosé, white and red wines and experience unique aromas and fragrances. Wine growers all over the world lovingly take care of their vineyards to offer you the highest enjoyment and variety. Let yourself be carried away into the history of wine art and find out which countries have the best wineries.

How do winegrowers and wineries differ in international comparison?

Many winegrowers get to know the knowledge about a good top wine from their own family. Numerous wineries all over the world pass on the traditions to the next generations. Progress does not stand still and there are innovations even on centuries-old wineries that lead to even better results. This is what makes top wines, which differ in minerality, aroma and the special location in the individual countries.

Live like God in France - with exquisite wine

France is the country par excellence that stands for its exquisite taste in wine. This is not only due to the fact that the French have a glass of wine in their hand almost every day and already at noon. The good qualities of the different regions ensure the best climatic conditions to enjoy a Grand Cru or even better a wine with an Appellation d'Origine Protégée (AOP). Wine-growing has been a tradition in France since the 6th century AD. The well-known wine-growing regions include Burgundy, the region around Bordeaux and Alsace. Aromatic red wine is mainly grown in the south of France, while light white wines such as Pinot Blanc are grown in Alsace. The vineyards are often very small and have been allocated for many centuries. Numerous families pass on their knowledge to produce high-quality wines. The winegrowers also live on the winery, which often has Château or Domaine in its name.

German wine regions and wineries

The Moselle in Germany is an important location for winegrowers who specialize in excellent white wines. German predicate and quality wines come from the area where the locations of the large plants with slate and clay soils create the best conditions. Riesling is one of the well-known types of wine on the Moselle, which tastes very refreshing and fruity. The grapes get good acidity and minerality from the local soil. These peculiarities can also be found in the Saar, where Riesling is the predominant grape variety. This also applies to Rheinhessen, which is one of the more famous wine-growing regions for Riesling, Silvaner and Burgundy. Scheurebe is one of the rarer grape varieties grown in local vineyards. In addition to top wines, there are also unusual and rare specimens to be found.

Italy, Spain and Portugal: The Mediterranean art of wine

The Mediterranean countries of Italy, Spain and Portugal have the great advantage of numerous hours of sunshine. That is why both red and white wines, sparkling and rosé wines can be found in the various wine-growing regions. Italy's north in the Emilia-Romagna region is famous for the many medieval towns and the high art of wine. Lambrusco is one of the older grape varieties found in the region's vineyards. The Aosta Valley, Calabria or Abruzzo are other regions that are world famous for their vineyards. The sun-kissed grapes of Spain offer excellent flavor and a slight sweetness. This applies primarily to wines from a winery in Andalusia. Traditionally, the winegrowers pass on the knowledge and experience they have learned to their families. Rioja, Alicante or Catalonia are the most important growing areas in Spain. There you can find real pearls of high-quality red wines that have a unique aroma. Portugal has many wine producing areas in the Algarve or in the mountainous interior. Located in northern Portugal, the Douro Valley is the oldest in the world. A winery in this region has usually been inherited by the next family members for many centuries. This is what makes excellent wines, which have a strong red color with fine aromas and a high level of minerality.

Wineries from Austria

Austria has been committed to the high quality of regional wines for many years. Many winegrowers are switching to organic wines in order to offer even better quality. This also benefits animal and environmental protection, as fewer pesticides from the vineyards get into the rainwater. The Kamptal is one of Austria's 16 wine regions, fed by the Kamp River. The Kamp supplies the vineyards with sufficient liquid and minerals, which in turn is good for the grapes. White wines, such as Riesling, are very popular in the region.

Fine wines from the USA

Napa Valley is one of the most famous wine-growing regions in the USA. The cultivated areas can hardly be compared with the European ones and extend over several hundred hectares. Bordeaux wines have made it to the Napa Valley, which develop a lot of fruit acid thanks to the California sun.