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aged wines
- especially from large vintages - promise an individual and almost unknown romance that is accessible to everyone.

The strategic orientation of online trade and the founding of our company "Vintage Grapes GmbH" came about in 2021 through the passionate and emotional collection of "special" and above all matured wines.

For ten years we have strategically focused “step by step” on collecting high quality wines from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the United States. During this time, the initial “passion for collecting” developed into an independent business area.
In the last decade we have been able to build up an international network of dealers, collectors and winegrowers, with whom we work closely and with which we often have far more than just business relationships.
Of course, our customers also benefit from these partnerships – for example in the form of unique events such as tastings and gourmet festivals.

Our wines come either directly from the winegrowers (producers) or from our international dealer network. We are a Winefraud member, which gives us special access to international counterfeiter databases. Precisely in the case of older wines, for which the technology to combat counterfeiting was hardly available or mature, a thorough examination is of the utmost importance. Every single bottle is checked by us and compared with the information from our databases and documented.

In recent years, wines have experienced a kind of second, or perhaps now third or fourth, renaissance. Institutions such as the "Liv-ex" (London International Vintners Exchange) or other companies that work with their own wine funds show the unbelievable attractiveness of wines as a mobile investment. In addition to private individuals, more and more companies are also investing in mobile financial investments in order to be more independent as part of their diversification.

In an ever faster "spinning" world, in times of internationalization and globalization, "old" matured wines are something special for us that we believe in. Wine is the only 'luxury food' that can improve in quality over time while providing a kind of journey into the past - often spanning generations. The passion for wine resonates worldwide, arouses enthusiasm and brings people - young and old - together.
At the end of the day, wine should always be drunk and enjoyed. The beautiful and fascinating thing about drinking wine is that there is no right or wrong. Everyone can drink what they like. It's all about enjoyment in the end.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your Vintage Grapes GmbH team

Jonathan Poetzsch

Capt. Thomas Pötzsch


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If you wish to have the item shipped to a specific country at a very specific time, please send us an email to before placing your order and please tell us the item, the quantity and the delivery address the country and the relevant zip code. We will then inform you at short notice whether we can also ship to the desired country and - should delivery to the desired delivery address be possible - inform you of the shipping costs and possible payment methods, as we have to ask our shipping partner about the shipping option and the costs in advance.


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